Zipper Kick

This exercise is called the 'zipper kick' because your legs look like a zipper that if opening and closing. It tightens the muscles of the front (quadriceps) and inner thighs plus the buttocks.

Exercise mat and ankle weights.

Exercise Technique

  1. Lie down with your legs together and straight up above your hips. Keep your arms at your side with the palms down.
  2. Flex your feet (the opposite of pointing your feet), keep your heels together and rotate toes and knees outward.
  3. Bend your knees toward your chest while still keeping heels together.
  4. Straighten legs by pressing heels towards ceiling.
  5. Do desired number of repetitions.

Performance Tips

  1. Keep heels together throughout the exercise.
  2. When you rotate the toes and knees outward, you will feel a slight rotation in the hip joint. This is correct. Maintain this rotated position as you straighten the legs.
  3. Move slowly. A good speed is about two seconds down and two seconds up.
  4. If you feel discomfort or pain in your hip or knee joint, avoid this exercise.

Twelve to twenty repetitions. Rest. Do another one or two sets if you want to.

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