Straight Leg Bridge on Floor with Stability Ball

Strengthens the hamstrings and buttocks; challenges the core muscles.

Stability ball and exercise mat. As a substitute for the ball, you can use a sturdy chair or bed.

Exercise Technique
1. Lie down on the mat with your legs straight and your heels on top of the ball.
2. Press down on the ball with your heels and lift your hips.
3. Slowly lower down to starting position.
4. Do the desired number of repetitions.

Performance Tips
1. Exhale as you lift your hips; inhale as you lower.
2. To make the exercise easier, place the ball under your calves.
3. Focus on keeping both hipbones level as you lift and lower.

You have two options for doing this exercise:
a) Keep your hips lifted for ten seconds (do not hold your breath; continue to breathe as you hold the position). Do three to five repetitions
b) Lift and lower for ten repetitions.

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