Side-Lying Rear Shoulder Raise

Strengthens the back of the shoulders (rear deltoids) which is important to prevent the "round-shoulder look".

Gym bench (or edge of a bed with a firm mattress) and dumbbells.


  1. Lie sideways with knees bent on a gym bench or the edge of a bed with a firm mattress.
  2. The lower arm must be able to reach the floor to provide balance and support, preferably with the palm flat and in full contact with the floor.
  3. The top arm should bend slightly at the elbow and be positioned directly in front on the shoulder joint.
  4. Lift the arm till your elbow is in line with the side of the body by squeezing the muscle at the back of the shoulder and by leading with the little finger or the elbow.
  5. Slowly lower the arm to the starting position.

Performance Tips:

  1. This is an advanced exercise which should only be performed if you are able to get your body into the proper position.
  2. Keep the body sideways without rolling forward or backward with abdominal and lower back muscles tight throughout the exercise.
  3. Only bring the arm back backwards to where your elbow is in line with the sides of your body. If you bring it back any further, your shoulder will rotate and you can injure your shoulder joint.
  4. Move slowly and with control. Avoid rapid, jerky movements.

10 to 15 repetitions

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