Side-Lying Outward Rotation

Shapes the hip (gluteus medius and minimus), the sides of the buttocks (gluteus maximus), and the external rotators of the hip (small muscles deep inside which help strengthen the hip joint).


  1. Lie on side, top leg straight and bottom leg bent for support.
  2. Head is resting on forearm, hips and shoulders are facing forward.
  3. Lift top leg as high as possible without rolling backward, keeping toes and knees facing forward.
  4. Hold leg position and rotate hip without rolling backward until toes point up to the ceiling.
  5. Turn toes back to the front and lower leg to starting position.

Performance Tips:

  1. Maintain body position of hips and shoulder facing front throughout the whole exercise.
  2. If you have a pain in the hip joint while you rotate the leg, please avoid this part of the exercise.
  3. Use ankle weights of 1 - 5 pounds as you get stronger for more of a challenge.

Do 15 repetitions on each leg. Rest. Do one or two more sets if you so desire.

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