Rotating Side Plank

This variation of a yoga-inspired exercise strengthens all the muscles of the torso – abdominals and lower back – as well as the shoulders and legs.

Exercise mat.

Exercise Technique
1. Lie sideways with your elbow directly under your shoulder joint and your legs straight one on top of the other. Your other hand is behind your head.
2. Push your body upwards so your full body weight is balanced between your elbow and the side of your bottom foot
3. Rotate and bring your top elbow towards the floor.
4. Do the desired number of repetitions. Slowly lower yourself and switch sides.

Performance Tips
1. This is an advanced exercise. You should already be familiar with a basic side plank. If not, go to www.tinajuanfitness.info/exercises/Side Plank.htm and practice the pre-requisite exercise for a few weeks before attempting this variation.
2. Another tip to reduce the intensity of the exercise is to bend your bottom leg.
3. Exhale as you rotate; inhale as you return to starting position.
4. Focus on rotating at the waist and not just bringing your elbow in.

Eight to ten repetitions.

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