Reverse Curls

Muscles worked:
Rectus Abdominis, front part of the abdominal wall, with more emphasis on the lower portion of the muscle.

Exercise position:
Lie on the mat, facing the ceiling with your legs up in the air. Legs can be bent at 90 degrees (easier) or straight with the knees only slightly bent (more challenging) ... whichever position you choose, keep the legs directly over the hips so that you keep the lower back safe.

Hands can be on the floor beside you (easier), or holding the mat above your head (more challenging).

Contracting the abdominal muscles, slowly lift the tailbone off the floor.

Performance tips:

Repetitions for levels of difficulty:
Level 1 - single counts up and down
Level 2 - two counts up, two counts down
Level 3 - two counts up, four counts hold, two counts down
Level 4 - four counts up, four counts down

Common mistakes:

If you have a history of a slipped disc or a chronic back problem which is bothering you, it would be better not to do this exercise.

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