Prone Hamstring Curl

Strengthens the hamstrings - muscles at the back of the thighs.

Surgical tubing (available at drug stores) or thick rubber band (the type used for sling shots).

Exercise Technique:

  1. Lie prone (face down) with the rubber band tied (double knot) around your ankles.
  2. Curl the right leg towards your buttocks while keeping the left leg anchored on the floor.
  3. Slowly return to starting position.

Performance Tips:

  1. Keep the abdominal muscles tight throughout the exercise.
  2. Avoid arching the back as you curl the leg to buttocks.
  3. Start the movement by contracting your hamstring muscle instead of jerking your foot.
  4. If this exercise bothers your back, don't do it.

Do 12 to 15 repetitions per leg. Rest. Do one or two more sets.

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