Prone Middle and Lower Back Strengthener

Strengthens muscles behind the shoulders, between shoulder blades, and in the lower back.

Exercise mat

Exercise Technique:

1. Lie on your stomach (this is called the prone position) with your face an inch or two off the mat, your arms bent at the elbows with your hands beside your face, and your legs straight and together. This is your starting position.

2. Lift or curl your upper body by contracting the muscles in your lower back. Simultaneously squeeze the muscles between the shoulder blades moving your elbows backwards.

3. Lower down to starting position.

Performance tips:

1. Focus on lengthening and elongating your spine before curling your torso. Do this by imagining a string pulling you forward from the center of your head.

2. Inhale as you curl up. Exhale as you lower down.


Do 5-10 repetitions

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