Prone Knee Lifts

This exercise tightens and tones the buttocksand hamstrings (back of the thighs).

Exercise Mat

Exercise Technique

  • Lie down on your stomach with your hands underneath your forehead, your knees bent, legs apart and feet together.
  • Contract the muscles of your buttocks and hamstrings to initiate the movement of your knees lifting off the mat.
  • Slowly lower down and do the desired number of repetitions.
Performance Tips
  • If you have a history of lower back pain or you are currently having back problems, check with your doctor or therapist before doing this exercise.
  • Only lift your knees a few inches off the mat.
  • To protect your lower back, hold your abdominal muscles slightly and focus on contracting the buttocks and hamstrings instead of jerking the knees up.
  • As you get stronger, use ankle weights for an additional challenge.


Do ten repetitions

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