Pilates Side Kick

This Pilates-inspired exercise strengthens the abdominals while it stretches the hamstrings and front of the hipshis exercise strengthens the front of the thighs.

Exercise mat

Exercise Technique
1. Lie on your side with one hand in front for balance. Ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders should be in a straight line.
2. Raise the top leg a few inches, flex your foot, and swing it forward.
3. Then point your toes and swing the leg backwards.
4. Do the desired number of repetitions. Do the other side.

Performance Tips
1. Inhale as the leg goes forward; exhale when the leg goes backwards.
2. Prevent your body from rocking back and forth by tightening up your abs and waist.
3. Move with control and precision. Avoid jerking.
4. Visualize balancing a glass of water on your hip and shoulder. Try your best to keep the water from spilling.
5. Advanced options:
a. Instead of putting one hand in front, place it behind your head.
b. Instead of lying flat, do the exercise on your elbow. Place the top hand on the floor or behind your head.

Do ten repetitions per side.

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