Overhead Triceps Press with Rubber Band

Tightens and tones the triceps, or back of the arms.

Three to four foot rubberband. You can use brand name rubber bands (Dynaband or Exertube) or homemade exercise rubberbands for slingshots can be bought at hardware stores


  1. Stand with left foot infront and right foot behind for balance.
  2. Hold the rubber band at one end with your right hand. Bring it over your head and let it hang behind you. Hold the other of the rubber band with your left hand behind your back.
  3. Straighten your right arm as you pull the band upward.
  4. Slowly lower to the start position.
  5. Do the desired number of repetitions, and then repeat on the other side.

Performance tips:

  1. If you have shoulder or elbow problems, do not do this exercise.
  2. To avoid hurting your wrist joint, make sure your knuckles are facing the ceiling when you pull the band upward.
  3. Keep abdominal muscles lightly contracted to maintain a stable position for your spine.
  4. Avoid jerking or moving rapidly. Always move slowly and with control.

Do 12 to 15 repetitions. One or two sets.

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