Open Leg Reverse Curl

Strengthens the front and sides of the abdominal muscles. This also challenges the abdominal muscles to contract from bottom up rather from the top down.

Exercise Technique
1. Lie on your back, elbows bent and in line with shoulders, forearms on the floor, palms up.
2. Keeping the buttocks on the floor, bend at the hips and knees, pointing knees out toward hands so your feet are up.
3. Squeezing your abdominal muscles, use two slow counts to smoothly curl your buttocks off the floor, keeping your knees pointing toward hands.
4. Hold this position for four slow counts, breathing the whole time.
5. Take two slow counts to lower your buttocks to the floor. Do not allow your legs to rock back and forth.

Performance Tips
1. This is an advanced exercise.
2. All the movement in this exercise is done in between your hip bones and ribcage. The legs should not be rocking back and forth.
3. Do not expect to lift the buttocks very high off the floor.
4. Move slowly. Avoid jerking the body to get the buttocks off the floor. Use the contraction in the abdominal muscles to do this.
5. If this bothers your lower back in any way, avoid this exercise.
6. As you get stronger, you can do this exercise with straight legs.

Do eight repetitions of two counts slowly up, four counts hold, two counts slowly down. Rest. Do one more set.

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