One-legged Squat on Bench

Strengthens the muscles in the front and back of the thigh (quadriceps and hamstrings) and buttocks.

Stairs or a stable eight to ten inch step aerobics bench

Exercise Technique

  1. Stand on the bench or stair rung with your right leg slightly bent and hanging behind. Hold a wall or stair banister for balance.
  2. Slowly bend your left knee until the toes of your right foot touch the floor or the next stair rung.
  3. Slowly straighten up by contracting the muscles in your left leg and not by pushing off with your right foot.
  4. Do the desired number of repetitions. Do the other side.

Performance Tips

  1. If it bothers your knees in this position, avoid this exercise.
  2. Focus on letting the leg you are standing on do the work. Avoid cheating by pushing off with the other leg.

Do twelve to fifteen repetitions. One or two sets


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