Lying Hip Rotation

The New York City Ballet Workout inspired this exercise. It tones the muscles of the buttocks and inner thighs. It is called "hip rotation" because you rotate the leg outward at the hip joint. .


Exercise Technique

  1. Lie on your back with your legs together and straight above your hips.
  2. Flex your feet so your heels are pointing to the ceiling.
  3. Keeping your ankles together, squeeze your buttocks and inner thighs so that your legs rotate at the hip joint and your toes are now facing away from your body.
  4. Release your muscles and return to starting position.

Performance Tips

  1. Don't focus on moving your toes outward. Instead, focus on contracting your buttocks and inner thigh muscles to rotate your legs for you.
  2. If it hurts your knees, modify by not rotating outward as much. If it still bothers your knees, avoid this exercise.

Do ten to fifteen repetitions.

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