Low Back Pain Guidelines

Exercise Guidelines:

  1. Pay close attention to proper posture while performing exercises.
  2. Stretch tight muscles that contribute to lower back pain:
    1. Hamstrings (back of thighs).
    2. Buttocks.
    3. Hip flexors (front of hip and thigh).
    4. Erector Spinae (lower back muscles).
  3. Strengthen weak muscles that contribute to lower back pain:
    1. Abdominal muscles.
    2. Lower back muscles.
  4. Use slow and controlled static stretching. Avoid bouncy or ballistic methods of stretching.
  5. Avoid exercises that may aggravate your lower back pain:
    1. Standing military presses.
    2. Double leg raises with straight legs.
    3. Standing or sitting toe touches with straight legs.
    4. Full sit-ups.
    5. Sit-ups with toes anchored or straight legs.
  6. Use light weights and high repetitions.
  7. You can do the following exercises, but pay close attention to good posture and proper execution:
    1. Lat pull-downs.
    2. Shoulder presses.
    3. Seated rows.
  8. Avoid lifting exercise equipment with a rounded spine and straight legs. Bend your legs and keep your back straight.

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