Lateral Push Up

This advanced exercise uses your own body weight as resistance to strengthen and firm up the chest, triceps (back of the arms) as well as abs and waist.

Exercise mat.

Exercise Technique
1. Lie sideways on a mat with your legs together in alignment with your shoulders, head, and neck.
2. Place the top hand on the mat in front of your chest with fingers facing your head. Wrap your other arm around your waist. Hold your neck in line with your spine.
3. Contract your chest and press down into the mat to push up laterally.
4. Slowly return to starting position.
5. Do the desired number of repetitions then repeat on the other side.

Performance Tips
1. This is an advanced exercise and should not be attempted by beginners.
2. Keep your neck lengthened and pull your shoulders away from your ears.
3. There is no need to straighten the working arm fully though to reap the benefits of this exercise. People who have the strength in their chest/triceps plus enough flexibility in the sides of the body will be able to do so.
4. This exercise can be stressful on the wrists. After finishing the desired repetitions, flip your wrists up and down and make alternating circles to relieve the pressure.

Do five to ten repetitions per side

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