Lateral Stretch on Stability Ball

This exercise stretches the side of the torso.

Stability ball.

Exercise Technique
1. Start by kneeling down with the ball on your left side. Extend your right leg sideways. Slowly roll the ball to the left and lower your torso until your waist and hip are resting firmly against the ball.
2. Place your left hand on the floor. Then, carefully lower your upper body and take your right arm over your head.
3. Hold the stretch for the desired length of time.
4. To switch to the other side, place your right hand on the ball and lift your upper body. Then, place the left hand on the ball. Bend your extended right leg and roll yourself back into a kneeling position. Put the ball on your other side and repeat the instructions.

Performance Tips
1. For a more advanced version, straighten both legs (top leg in front, bottom leg behind).
2. Keep neck and shoulders relaxed.

Hold the stretch for ten to thirty seconds.

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