Kneeling Lean Back

This exercise strengthens the front of the thighs.

Exercise mat.

Exercise Technique
1. Kneel down with legs hip width apart then raise arms overhead.
2. Tuck pelvis under and lean back until you feel tension in the front of your thighs.
3. Hold for ten seconds.

Performance Tips
1. It is important to tuck the pelvis under (you will know you are doing it right if you feel your buttocks tighten up) before leaning back to protect your knees.
2. Lean back only as far as you can without hurting your knees.
3. To increase the intensity of this exercise, try the following options:
a. Hold the leaning back position while you do alternating punches towards the ceiling.
b. Hold the leaning back position which you do small hip circles clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Basic position: Do one to three times.
Alternating punches: One repetition = one right and left punch. Do ten repetitions.
Hip circles: 10 circles clockwise, 10 circles counterclockwise.

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