Internal Rotator Cuff with Rubber Band

This exercise is a must for anyone who plays a sport that requires repeated overhead movements like tennis, basketball, golf, or swimming. It is also beneficial to people who have experienced shoulder injuries in the past. It strengthens the internal rotator muscles of the “rotator cuff”, a group of four muscles that encircle the shoulder joint like a cuff.

You can use brand name exercise rubber bands or homemade exercise rubber bands. Surgical tubing can be bought at drugstores or rubber bands for slingshots can be bought at hardware stores.


• The rubber band should be hooked around a post, tied around a locked doorknob or held by a partner on your left side.
• Hold the rubber band with your left hand and your arm bent at a ninety-degree angle.
• Without moving any other part of your body, especially your elbow, move your arm toward your body.
• Slowly return to starting position. Do the desired number of repetitions. Then switch to the other side.

Performance tips:

• Use a light resistance even though you are used to lifting heavy weights for your shoulders. The rotator cuff muscles are small.
• Keep your torso steady and don’t move your elbow as you bring your hand away from your body.
• Keep your legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent if you feel you need more stability.

You only need one set of 12 to 15 repetitions.

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