Incline Side-Lying Raise

Strengthens the middle muscle of the shoulders (middle deltoids).

Incline gym bench and dumbbells.

Exercise Technique:

  1. Sit on a 45-degree incline gym bench, and then lie on your side with your bent arm underneath your head.
  2. If your feet don't reach the floor, place them on another bench or gym stool.
  3. Hold a dumbbell with your other hand. Keep your arm straight and let the dumbbell rest on your thigh with the palm down.
  4. Keep your abdominals tight and your body stabilized as you raise the arm to about 60-degrees.
  5. Slowly lower back to starting position.

Performance tips:

  1. This is an advanced exercise, which should only be performed if you are able to get your body into the proper position.
  2. Keep the body sideways without rolling forward or backward with abdominal and lower back muscles tight throughout the exercise.
  3. Don't try to bring your arm any higher than 60-degrees. Because of the position of the incline bench, your muscle is already working through its full range of motion.
  4. Move slowly and with control. Avoid rapid, jerky movements.

If you want to build the muscle behind the shoulders - use a weight heavy enough that you can only finish eight repetitions before your muscles get fatigued. Rest. Do one or two more sets.

If you only want definition in the shoulders - use a light to moderate weight that allows you to finish 15 repetitions before your muscles get tired. Rest. Do one or two more sets.

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