Diagonal Crunch on Bench

Works the oblique muscles of the abdominal wall. These muscles criss-cross your waist in two opposing layers.

Gym bench and barbell

Exercise Technique

1. Lie down on the bench and hang your legs over the barbell while keeping your feet and knees together.
2. Move your feet to the left side of the barbell but keep your upper body on the bench. Place your right hand behind your head and hold the bench with your left hand.
3. Curl your upper body diagonally in the direction of your feet.
4. Slowly lower down.
5. Do the desired number of repetitions then repeat on the other side.

Performance Tips

1. Start the curl by contracting your abdominal muscles, not by pulling on your neck.
2. Curl and lower your upper body slowly. Avoid moving fast or jerking.
3. A common mistake in the performance of this exercise is to curl upward instead of diagonally.
4. You can also do this exercise on the floor and hang your legs on a gym bench, step bench or chair.

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