Concentration Bicep Curls

This exercises focuses on the biceps, the muscles in the front of the upper arm.

Bench or stool and dumbbells.

Exercise Technique

  1. Sit on at the edge of a bench or stool with your legs separated, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Holding a dumbbell in your right hand, lean forward from the hip and place your right arm above the elbow against the inner thigh.
  3. Brace yourself by holding your left thigh with your left hand.
  4. Curl the dumbbell by tightening and contracting your bicep.
  5. Slowly lower the dumbbell and repeat until you finish the desired number of repetitions.
  6. Repeat on the other hand.

Performance Tips

  1. Lean forward from the hip. Avoid rounding your back.
  2. Your legs should be separated far enough that you have freedom of movement with the dumbbell.
  3. Avoid bending your wrist as you curl the dumbbell.
  4. Perform the exercise slowly. Avoid using momentum to swing the dumbbell up and down.
  5. Keep your shoulders and trunk steady as you perform the curls.

10 to 15 repetitions

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