Chest Press

Strengthens and tightens the chest, front of the shoulders, and back of the arms.

Dumbbells, mat or gym bench.

Exercise Technique
1. Lie on your back with the knees bent and a dumbbell in each hand.
2. Bring your arms towards the ceiling, keeping them directly over the shoulder joints with the palms facing the knees. This is your starting position.
3. Lower your arms by bending your elbows until you feel a mild stretch in the chest.
4. Contract the chest muscles to straighten the arms.

Performance Tips
1. Keep shoulder blades against the mat so your chest has an anchor to pull against. This prevents your upper back from rounding and your chest from concaving as you bring those arms in front of you.
2. When returning to starting position, squeeze the chest before you even straighten the arms.
3. Avoid snapping or jerking the elbows when you straighten the arms.
4. Inhale when you lower your arms; exhale when you straighten them.

Twelve to fifteen repetitions.

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