Cat Twist

This yoga-inspired exercise stretches the middle and back of the shoulder on one arm while stretching the chest and front of the shoulder on the other arm. It also rotates the spine to stretch the muscles of the trunk.


Exercise Technique

  • Get on your hands and knees.
    Twist your body underneath you and slide your right arm all the way until your face and shoulder are on the mat.
    Carefully rotate the left side of your body upward and extend your left arm behind you.
    Slowly return to starting position by twisting your left side down toward the floor and placing your left hand beside your face. Remove your right arm by twisting the right side of your body upward.
  • Do other side
Performance Tips
  • If it bothers your shoulder when you extend your arm backward, bend your elbow and place your hand at the back of your hips.
  • Move slowly and carefully through all phases of the exercise to avoid hurting your spine or lower back muscles.


If performed as a static stretch, hold for three to five breaths (one breath equals inhaling and exhaling). If performed as a dynamic exercise, do five repetitions per side (exhale as you twist; inhale as you return to starting position).

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