All Fours Back Leg Lift

This exercise works the buttocks and the hamstrings or back of the thighs.

Exercise mat. You can also use an ankle weight of one to five pounds.

Exercise Technique
There are two ways to do this exercise: On your hands and knees or on your forearms.

On your hands and knees:

On your forearms:
Follow the same technique but bring the leg higher than hip level.

Performance Tips
1. Keep the working leg straight.
2. Keep both the hips and shoulders facing the floor.
3. Keep your spine neutral – neither rounded nor arched.
4. Keep your head in line with your spine. Do not hang your head down or arch your neck up.
5. Use the contraction in the buttocks to lift the leg rather than jerking the leg up.
6. Some people feel dizzy when they do this exercise on their forearms. If you feel this, do it on your hands and knees.

Do 10 repetitions per leg. Do one or two sets.

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