How to Choose and Use Exercise Videos

If you don't have the time, money or inclination to work out at a fitness center, you can still get adequate fitness instruction right in the privacy of your own home. Technology, in the form of exercise videos, can solve your problems. There is an exercise video available for almost any kind of workout you can imagine. You can find videos on aerobics, muscle toning, stretching, and specialty workouts (boxing, skip rope, dance, yoga, Pilates, senior citizens, pregnancy, tai chi, etc.).

You can exercise at any time of the day you want. Your workout is not dependent on traffic or the weather. Your only investment is the cost of the tape and whatever exercise equipment you need (mat, shoes, free weights, etc). You don't need to be a member of a fitness center. You can wear whatever you want. You don't have to worry about how you look. If you have chosen a good video, you have the expertise of an excellent instructor.

Since you set your own schedule, it is very easy to procrastinate and ''do it tomorrow''. Your workout may be disrupted by telephone calls, your household help, or your children. You don't have the services of a live instructor to correct your exercise form, therefore, you can injure yourself or not achieve your fitness goals. You may not have enough space in your home to do the workout properly.

Guidelines to buying an exercise video.

Keep your home-workout environment safe.

Where to find exercise videos.
The best place to order exercise videos is from a mail order company called Collage Video. They are the world's largest and most reliable source of exercise videos. The company uses two people to review the workouts. One is an ACE-certified fitness professional and the other, a ''regular'' consumer who judges how user-friendly the video is. They list both the positive and negative aspects of the video. They tell you the length of each segment of the workout (warm-up, cardiovascular portion, cool-down, etc). They constantly monitor fitness and health magazines that do independent exercise video reviews.

You can reach Collage Video by telephone at 1-800-433-6769 or by fax at 1-6190571-5906, or visit their web site (www.collagevideo.com). They ship to any country in the world. If you already own a large collection of exercise videos, you can exchange your old videos with other fitness enthusiasts at The Video Exchange web site (www.videofitness.com) at no extra cost except shipping charges.

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