How to Weigh & Measure Yourself Accurately

The ordinary weighing scale can only tell you your total weight. It cannot distinguish between water weight and fat weight. Neither can it tell you how much your muscles weigh or how heavy your bones are. But it is the most common way that people track their weight loss progress. So here are some tips on how to weigh yourself more accurately.

Tape measure
A tape measure can help you monitor changes in inches and body size. A tape measure and a scale make a good combination to keep track of the ups and downs of inches and pounds.

According to Edward Jackowski, author of “Escape Your Shape”, a tape measure can tell you whether your body is in the shape of a cone, spoon, ruler or hourglass.

The most practical way to measure yourself is the way your clothes fit. A tight pair of jeans or a leather belt are good evidence of weight gain or loss. After I gained 50 pounds with my second child, my favorite jeans were the best and most satisfying gauge of my weight-loss progress. At first, I couldn't even get the jeans past my thighs. Little by little, I was able to slip them up my hips, zip up without turning blue, and eventually, wear them comfortably.

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