Practical Portion Control Tips

Did you know that consuming as few as 100 extra calories per day – the amount found in 10 American-size French fries – can add up to a 10-pound weight gain in a year? This is why nutritionist Catherine Reade says that learning to control portion sizes is crucial to life-long weight management.

However, she warns that obsessively counting calories and measuring your food before you eat is not healthy. In her article, “Less is More”, in the Idea Health & Fitness Source Magazine, she gives practical tips that you can use while eating at home, eating out, and while snacking.

Home cooking

Eating out

The following tips apply to both fast-food outlets and fine-dining establishments.


Reade says that many people believe that they should avoid snacking when they are watching their food intake. Actually, she explains, a healthy snack once or twice a day between meals can help ward off hunger and prevent binges. Once again, she points out that the key is to choose the right snack and then eat it in moderation.

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